The beehive, the swallow's nest and Uncle Llew's pigs. Anglesey holiday cottages to dream of.



This summer the old farm outbuildings, here at Bytheicws farm in Anglesey, will open as holiday cottages, extensively renovated, oozing character and comfort.


Nyth Y Wennol (The Swallow’s Nest) and Cwch Gwenyn (The Beehive) were once inhabited by my wife Sian’s ancestors and their animals. Our architect described them as the best-preserved agricultural buildings he’d seen in North Wales. Emyr Jones, who we’ll meet in my next blog worked miracles with Creosote to keep them dry and upright, but by 2014, battered by storms and clapped out hurricanes, the outbuildings were looking frail. Six years later, the transformation is incredible. They are fantastic, beautifully renovated holiday cottages.  But before I describe Nyth Y Wennol and Cwch Gwenyn in their current splendour, let’s travel in another direction.


Imagine if you can, flying back in time, arriving at Bytheicws fifty years ago at dead of night. Peering through an upstairs window, you see old Uncle Llew on his straw mattress, snoring for Wales, counting the cattle who passed on today in the cold room below, where all four corners creep into a culvert. This rough cast dorm hails from 1890 but the downstairs storey is a much older beast, built by generations way back who-knows when. Leaving Old Llew to sleep off the booze you sneak to the far end where his pigs are parked on straw pillows like sacks of wheat, their broad smiles speaking of lazy days in pig-heaven.


By 2020 the scene has changed. Now you’ll find underfloor heating, plush bedrooms with sparkling en-suites, comfy sofas and quirky touches.  There are smart patios, smart TV’s and every modern comfort. Nyth Y Wennol sleeps two and Cwch Gwenyn sleeps four. Both are perfect for those who want to explore this beautiful island, and venture deeper into Snowdonia. We hope you’ll come and see for yourselves this wonderful corner of Wales.


You can book at  where you will find photo's, more detail about the the accommodation, the local area and much more.  Feel free to email us too, at


We hope to see you soon!


Steve Baker


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